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Client Testimonials

“We wanted to express our appreciation to you for your due diligence and research. Your advice and council prevented us from making a corporate decision that would not have been in our best interest. Not only did you provide us with the information that we needed, you also gave us an alternative solution to achieve the same end result. It’s that type of sound advice and trusted relationship that small businesses count on to succeed. Thank you,”
“In the beginning stages of starting a business, I had the opportunity to consult with Michael Dean to get pointed in the right direction. I was looking for basic guidance and information, and he far exceeded my expectations. With years of experience and his expertise in business, he provided information and ideas that I hadn’t even considered. He showed me how to protect myself in my partnership while making everything fair for both parties. I felt very confident moving forward with a structured business plan after our meeting. His professionalism and thoroughness were second to none, and I will definitely be consulting with Michael Dean again for my future business endeavors.”
“Attorney Michael Dean helped me in my Friend of the Court Hearing. As a remarried self employed father my earnings have been dramatically reduced over the past three years. Attorney Dean’s knowledge of the formula used to determine support and his ability to explain it to me in “laymen’s terms,” was key for me. I trusted his opinions and valued his insight. I was able to get a reduction in my monthly support payment.”
“I was very satisfied with Michael Dean’s performance regarding my divorce proceedings. I felt my options were clearly explained and he made sure I understood the process. Mr. Dean was a true professional. In my particular case, he demonstrated how matters could be worked out with the least amount of turmoil. I would highly recommend Michael Dean to anyone who needed an excellent divorce lawyer. Going through a divorce is hard and just having someone to listen helped.”
“I want to thank you for helping me with my Revocable Living Trust, Will and Durable Power of Attorney. You brought up many factors and points I wasn’t aware of. You also spent time explaining anything that I didn’t understand and answered all of my questions. You also gave me a chance to look over everything before signing the final papers. My experience was very pleasant and you were professional in executing my wishes. Thank you again.”